I went to a baby shower yesterday. A friend from the Stitch n Bitch group I go to is 8 months pregnant and we gathered to celebrate her impending birth.

We all made handmade gifts (will link to a pic of mine later) and drank champagne and tea and became comatose on sugar thanks to beautiful yummy cake, coconut ice and scones.
The mummy to be (for the second time) had two friends visiting from the uk, one of whom was LLG. To hear her speak with such passion about what she does and the risks she’s taken to do what she loves was so inspiring. I couldn’t help but be motivated.

I am extremely lucky that at this time in my life I am surrounded by very talented, creative individuals (as was in evidence with the babyshower gifts). Even though they may not know it (and I really should be more forthcoming with my praise and thanks, but it’s not something that cones naturally to me) they inspire me and spur me on.

I think this time round with starting a ‘proper’ business, I’ve wanted everything to be just right before I get going properly, but I realise that that day may never come. I need to jump in, get my stuff ‘out there’ and be brave.

So, watch this space!