An homage to our holiday


I felt the blog could do with some pictures and where better to start than food? And drippy, luscious food at that.

This is a baklava. It was the one thing, being in Greece that we wanted on holiday. We were happy for it to be our daily afternoon snack. However, it seemed impossible to source some. I know, crazy right?

Various reasons were given, including it being the end of the season (we assumed the end of the holiday season, not the baklava-hunting season!). We finally found one cafe serving it, but to be honest it was a bit dry.

So, because when we returned it was the next meeting of the Lausanne Baking Society a few days later, I decided to make my own.
Not an easy task in Switzerland to find the filo pastry required, but with ingredients sourced, I made one.
Well, actually I made two, because as the hub pointed out, he’d gone a whole Greek holiday with only one measly piece, and (and here’s where he buttered me up) if it was as good as my normal offerings, I wouldn’t be bringing any home with me. (He knows the right things to say!)

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