Do you resolve?*

I’ve always been a bit of a ‘bah humbug’ when it comes to New Year celebrations.  It started in my late teens when I was outraged at how much I had to pay to get into the local nightclub, pay for taxis etc for that one night.  After all, it was just that, right? Just another night in the year.

I wonder whether by putting so much emphasis on the turn of the year, we set ourselves up for failure.  Our ideas and dreams are grandiose, we publicly articulate our desires and although many of us joke that our resolutions will be broken by mid-January, we must be slightly disappointed when we fail, that we have let ourselves down in some way.

Of course, all of you may be completely happy and comfortable with the notion of resolutions, I’m overthinking it, and you’re all just thinking, WTF Clare?!

But what is so important about the changing of the date on a calendar?  Do we think about what our resolutions will be in say, mid-December, and then wait to begin them until the magical January 1st date?  Shouldn’t we just make the changes we want to be when we decide upon them?

A popular resolution is to lose weight, become more healthy.  After the excesses of Christmas this would seem like a good one, but a lot of the time we take draconian measures, banning this, that and the other from our lives and perhaps after a few weeks of having what we want, a better approach should be “A little of what you fancy” to ease you into it.

So, after that, have I made any resolutions? I know that I have weak resolve, I expect to fail, and therefore in my head I don’t want to choose anything that I want to succeed at, because I ‘know’ it won’t happen.
So, I want to learn how to drive a train in 2013. There, something I won’t mind if I fail at, but something that would be really cool if I actually did it.

In all seriousness, I had a bit of a tough time in 2012, which hasn’t really resolved itself now, so I think the only promise I want to make is that I will keep on looking after myself.

So, do you resolve?


*I’m aware that the verb ‘to resolve’ may be used in the wrong context here.  I apologise.  Engineering never really put much emphasis on written English.  If I’m wrong, I hope you know what I mean and will forgive me my error.

2 thoughts on “Do you resolve?*

  1. I’ve made two certain ones. One is to blog more, and to keep it all year! Two is to do the “jar full of good things” that’s been floating around the internet lately, and then I hope to use all the scraps of paper to make some artwork for the wall at the end of the year 🙂
    I have a couple of others, but I’d be doing these if it was new year or not! Hack away at my debt so I can start saving to move a little further south, and loose weight.

    Happy new year!! x

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