Sales Day

I guess if I’m going to be more serious about this blogging malarkey I shouldn’t leave posts in the draft folder. Not much use there.
As is evident from the first sentence, this was originally written a few days ago.

Today is the 3rd of January.
After the shops being shut for 2 days, (I know, the Swiss are a strange lot 😉 ) I thought I’d take some time to myself, take the train into town, sit in a café for a while and then mooch around the shops for a bit, if I could stand the crowds.

I needn’t have worried.  Although some of the bigger shops were open, and have sales on, most up to 50% off, the place was really quite empty.

I’ve never understood the desire of people to queue at 5am for the Next sale.  What makes Next so wonderful that you would disturb your sleep to go out in the cold just for a few things that you probably are only buying because they are a bargain?

But this was something else.  9am and there were only 2 other people in Starbucks.

And the Coop City wasn’t much better.  I was almost disappointed.  I’m not a fan of shopping.  I’m getting better at nick-nack shopping, and things-I-don’t-really-need shopping and I love food shopping but all other kinds leave me cold.

Still, I was disappointed that I didn’t have to get my elbows out.

I had sharpened them especially.


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