That is how much apparently it costs for Lego Boy to become aware of the passing of time, to make him realise that its always better to do what you have to do, what you’ve been asked to do, before you do what you want to do.

4.95CHF: the price of an analog clock in Coop, the local supermarket.

We are lucky in that we now have space for a ‘school room’. Schoolroom implies that we do school work, that we follow a curriculum, but we don’t.  However ‘learning lab’ doesn’t sit well with me, neither does ‘education space’ or ‘work room’.  However it is a room with lots of books, a table, pens, pencils and a computer, so hopefully you get the idea of its function.

Every morning when Lego Boy gets up, he goes straight to his computer.  He loves watching lego reviews on you tube and checking out the lego website to find out the latest lego sets, their pieces (and their price, so he can figure out how long before he can afford to buy it).  Normally, this is by 7am/7.30am.  Any time before that and I suggest he goes back to bed (here we’ll gloss over how lightly I sleep that I wake at the slightest sound, maybe thats for another post).

I always  like to try and start ‘work’ at 9am, as we normally do a couple of hours, and therefore we can be done before lunchtime with plenty of time to get to the shops if we need to get something for lunch.
Before we start, I ask him to be dressed, have clean teeth, had breakfast and sorted out the chickens (not every day, as we take it in turns).  Even though he normally has at least 90 minutes to do these things, up until today he is normally so engrossed in the computer that at 8.30am I have to remind him what he has to do, and so it is always a rush and a bit stressy (I know that if we had a later start time it would still be the same thing).

This morning, having bought the clock and just put it in the room, with no reminder from me, at 8am he came downstairs stating that he was going to do the chickens so that he was ready in time.

I was speechless…..which takes a lot.

I know this may seem a small thing, and there are those of you who are wondering how I could possibly write a blog post about this, please believe me when I say that this morning everything just seemed so much calmer, and as a bonus all formal learning was done by 10.30, which meant I could plonk my self-pity at my cold on the sofa with my crochet and Murder She Wrote.

So, today’s Tip of the Day? Buy a clock.

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