What have I been up to?

Last Saturday was the second of two artisanal open houses I hosted at our house.

In the lead up to them, I was very busy making lots of stock (and worrying that I didn’t have enough), organising the vendors and making sure that the house was clean and tidy (not a mean feat with 2 children at home all day, although I can’t solely blame them; I’m not a very spick-and-span kinda person).

That’s one of the reasons why I’ve been a bit slack in the blogging department. After all, all the other daily stuff (washing, educating the kids etc) had to be done too whilst snatching moments to sew.

It was hard to find the right time to host these events. The first was on a Thursday morning, to catch I hoped, the school mums, who after dropping Johnny and Ginny at the school gates fancied browsing some gorgeous handmade goodies and having a cup of tea and some cake.
We had 5 people come.
(I guess some marketeers would say I shouldn’t be telling you about the times that are less than successful, but I say, sod it, its the truth and it shows that this stuff isn’t plain sailing).

So I was a bit apprehensive about Saturday’s event. I felt guilty that I’d got the other vendors involved, that they had lovingly crafted items, and taken time out of their busy days to turn up. (Of course we were all involved in inviting people and advertising the event, but I just felt like, as the host, I should be able to conjure visitors out of the ether)

I’d like to say that Saturday dawned bright and sunny. But I can’t, as it didn’t. The weather could’ve been worse, granted, but there was just enough rain that made me wonder if anyone would want to come out.
However, I’m pleased to say that our friends, neighbours, colleagues and acquaintances didn’t let us down. There was a constant buzz in the room, with lots of chatter going on, and even some purchases made! We also had a free draw with all the vendors contributing so several guests got a nice surprise over the next couple of days.

Myself, I managed to sell a few bags, and picked up a few more ideas for new items to add to my range. And everyone else sold something too. 🙂

I think a comparison of the two days can be made by the amount of cupcakes from Kids Party Cupcakes left at the end.
After Thursday, my diet went completely to pot. After Saturday it was still relatively intact (with a couple of blips!)

We are planning on holding more events, probably in September and just before Christmas, so if you are interested in coming, then drop me a line and I can add you to the invite list.
We’re also on the lookout for a couple more vendors, so if you don’t clash with one of our current group (list below) and handmake delicious looking items, then please contact me. Obviously you need to be in Switzerland, unless you fancy a short break 😉

So, who were the lovely businesses who participated?

First up, me, Twinkly Things, selling my handmade bags and rucksacks, made from PVC and other repurposed materials. I have a gallery on this blog under Creations For Sale.

Un Lieu Sur Terre – Celyn is a storytelling textile artist. She makes handmade eco conscious designs. – http://www.unlieusurterre.com

Kids Party Cupcakes – Kate is known in our house as Cake Kate. She makes delicious cupcakes for kids and moms to enjoy at parties. They are homemade and delivered to your door. – http://www.facebook.com/LausanneKidsPartyCupcakes

Dika Designs – Marika makes handmade cards using fabric and other nick-nacks. She collaborates with textile artist Karin Wheals to make cards with handmade lace designs too.

SessaKids – Svenja makes original clothes and accessories for kids, handmade with unique fabrics and patterns. She makes bibs, aprons, gym bags, shirts, dresses, and more… – http://www.sessakids.com

Onglaise Mobile Nail Services – Chris is a qualified English Nail Technician offering a mobile nail service in and around the Lausanne and Vevey area. – http://www.onglaise.com

(I have some pictures of the 2 days, but I’m afraid they will have to wait until I can find my camera cable!)