Middle Ages Camp

In some cantons in Switzerland, schools are already going back after the summer break.  That’s not the case here in Vaud (they return next week), but holidays have been in full swing for a while.

This year, Lego Boy went on a summer camp in the mountains.  He had only been on one camp before, a skiing one, which he didn’t like very much, as he didn’t like having to ski all day everyday, and apparently the boys in his dormitory were too noisy at bedtime.

So this year, I found a camp in the mountains run by a montessori-trained teacher, who also runs outdoor skills classes for adults. (Her website is 123nature.ch)
With a variety of activities on offer, and a much smaller number of children taking part, I thought it would be right up Lego Boy’s street.  And it appears I was right!

However, as I was not there, it would be amiss of me to describe the week from the tales I have been told.  So I asked Lego Boy to prepare an account of what happened.  When I said that I wanted to put it on my blog, he jumped at the chance!

So, here it is:

My Adventure in the Mountains

Last week I went to a camp near Morgins.  The leaders were Véronique and Mathieu.  I was nervous at first.  I was nervous because I didn’t know the people there.

I did some archery in the morning.  It was very fun!!

I slept in the boys’ dormitory next to Ueloin.  I didn’t take bunny, but it was ok.
Each night we had a story.  One night the girls came to us and the next night we went to the girls’ dormitory for a story.

There were lots of games to play.  We played some rounds of Uno, and sadly I lost.  We played air hockey, sometimes I won; sometimes I lost.  We played outside.  We played cache-cache 14.

I also did some arts and crafts.  I got to make some bread.  I made four name cards, for Mummy, Daddy, Dino Girl and one for me.  I made a komodo dragon/postosuchus and a snake from clay.  I made an Indian pouch from leather, and it’s very cool.  I made a catapult with Mathieu.

One afternoon we had a tournament which involved: a wooden tower course, a golf course, knocking over cardboard figures with some pinecones, getting pinecones through a hole and a quiz.  It was super cool!!

We had a 2 hour hike to Morgins to the swimming pool, but I didn’t have my swimming shorts.

I forgot to take some money to the shop, but Véro gave me some money.  Noë gave me 2chf as a birthday present.  Thanks Noë!  I forgot to take some pictures, but I have some great memories.  I had a very good time, but I was happy to see Mummy, Daddy and Dino Girl.

The End

So a successful camp, gauged by the response when I asked if he would like to go again: “Cor, yes please!”

(Photos taken from the 123nature website)