The Mona Lisa (as you’ve never seen her before!)

About 6 months or so ago, Lego Boy started at an art class.  He’s not really shown too much interest in drawing before, much preferring to have Lego bricks in his hand than a pencil.
But this group is held on a Wednesday morning and is attended mainly by homeschoolers (which is a rarity here, there are very few homeschool-specific groups) so we thought he could try it out and see how it went.

He loves it.

Right from the start it became clear that Carmen, his teacher, has a passion for art, and a passion for sharing that with her classes.
If I’m honest, I wasn’t expecting too much from Lego Boy, based on his previous lack of interest in the subject.
So when we were invited to a La Joconde exhibition (thats Mona Lisa to non-francophones) I was interested to see what he had produced, particularly as he hadn’t been in the class long.

I was blown away.

La Joconde

The difference in his art in just a few weeks was incredible.

At the exhibition there were slips of paper with adjectives on.  We had to stick an appropriate word below the pictures that we liked.  At the end, each child got a certificate according to the most popular word under his/her painting.

Lego Boy got:

La Joconde la plus brillante.

The theme for this semester is Alice in Wonderland.  I can’t wait for the exhibition at Christmas 🙂