Dino Girl -isms

Dino Girl is now 3.5.  A year ago (i.e when she was 2.5) she didn’t speak much.  There were very few words that were recognisable to other people, but not many more that only we could decipher.

Then suddenly a few months before her 3rd birthday, her speech exploded.  We had proper words and sentences and she could be understood by just about everyone.

But, there are (along with a few dodgy sounds) a few things that only we can understand.  This is nothing to do with her speech ability but more to do with her understanding of whats being said around.

And amusingly, they seem to revolve around food.  Here’s a few (see if you can guess what she’s saying, answers below):

1) “Wakey wakey, nice and dry!”     (that one’s quite easy)

2) “I’ll have 2 yogurts and chips please”

3) “Can I have a greedy pig for breakfast please?”

And, just because I despair of it, here’s a pic of her bird’s nest hair.  I know the more I leave it, the worse it will get, but it already seems past the point of no return.

Dino Girl hair

Answers to the Dino Girl -isms:

1) “Wakey, wakey, rise and shine” (told you that one was easy)

2) “I’ll have chicken nuggets and chips please”

3) “Can I have a weetabix for breakfast please?”

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